Transparent Flower

EXHIBITION Mitera Ryusen-ji Temple

“Transparent Flowers” installation piece displayed in the Sennin no Niwa garden (designed by Mirei Shigemori) at the entrance to Sennyū-ji Temple.

Flowers made transparent by steel lines and prisms bloom in profusion in mid-air, swaying in the wind to produce a space that has a vague sense of movement.
While retaining the spirit of modernism and abstract expression discovered by Mirei in this classical garden, a new rhythm of light is brought to the garden’s still ambience.



EMISSION pop-up store at ARTBAY TOKYO.
Items put on sale included original jewelry made with special prisms, ornaments with thin ice motifs, and a prism tree for the winter season.

Prism Cloud


A light and dynamic installation using polyhedron prisms.
Organic volume is formed along the 3D curved surface of honeycomb as though crystallizing the prism structures,
appearing as cloud-like objects of light.
Changes in sunlight and indoor lighting produce varying degrees of radiance and contrast at different times together
with seemingly infinite prismatic light.



A lighting object made up of sparkling white light and prismatic polyhedrons calling to mind the sun, stars and crystals, etc.
Light energy and diffusion are powerfully materialized and visualized as a shining light assembly.
The transparency and sparkle of prisms and the rainbow-colored light they produce generate a unique lighting experience.

Shibuya Hikarie Christmas 2019

EXHIBITION Shibuya Hikarie Sky Lobby | Japan

An installation based on this year’s Christmas theme at Shibuya Hikarie,“Illuminate Myself!”
Sitting in the “Light Chair” surrounded by decorative glittering prisms changes the lighting in this space.
The colors shift and change as both you and the prisms are covered in the vibrant hues of the sparkling lights.

TEPPAN 10 “Prism Installation”

INTERIOR Shibuya Scramble Square 12F TEPPANYAKI 10 | Japan

This artwork depicting both strength and luxury was inspired by the refined motions of chefs at work
and the intense sparkle of their kote spatulas dancing through the air.
This installation complements the panoramic night view of Shibuya visible through the large glass window and creates a dynamic space.
At night, the hues of the full color lighting shift to merge with the glorious cityscape views, creating an entirely different nighttime atmosphere.