EMISSION brand uses special prisms to produce light installations, jewelries and products.
Our uniquely designed art and accessories, which are ultra-light while also emitting light through brilliant transparency,
are individually produced at our studio in Ginza, Tokyo.

EMISSION: Casting and emitting light

Universe and Sun

Nature of lights, phenomenon, spectacle space

Spectrum and Colors

prismatic lights and reflection, transparency


EMISSION was launched in 2020 as a new object work brand based on our desire to deliver beautiful light art around the world, taking the theme of everyday familiar art.
We are constantly aiming to create new things, globally developing installation and product activities with a focus on prism work.


Takahiro Matsuo / Artistic Director

Born in 1979. Matsuo completed a postgraduate course at the Graduate School of Design, Kyushu Institute of Design.
He is a creator of light installations that fuse aesthetic expression with images, lighting, objects, technology, and interaction. He consistently constructs artwork using diverse expression and technology through lighting, programming, as well as self-produced images. With phenomena and regularity of nature, subtle expression of light using imagination, and emotional artwork based on an intuitive participatory approach, Matsuo produces installations for art exhibitions and public spaces around the world, lighting art for commercial spaces, as well as artwork for luxury brands.
Matsuo develops creations that cross over art and design in various technologies and fields.

Fumiko Kawabe / Chief Artist

Born in 1982. In 2005 graduated from Musashino Art University Department of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design.
Creates spatial works with ambiguous boundaries, layers, transparency, and a sense of floating. Designs and produces prism work, products and accessories for EMISSION.


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Ginza Ashizawa Bldg 2F, 3-13-11, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,
104-0061, JAPAN


DSA Japan Space Design Award 2016 Silver Award / Japan
DSA Japan Space Design Award 2018 Silver Award / Japan
DSA Japan Space Design Award 2019 BEST100 / Japan
IF DESIGN AWARD 2020 Winning / Germany
Frame Awards 2020 Longlist / Netherlands
DFA Awards 2019 MERI / Hong Kong
Laval Virtual Awards 2008 Advanced Technology Awards / France


What is your business?
EMISSION is a brand that develops lighting objects, installations, and various product brands. It is operated by LUCENT. Our in-house creator handles everything from design to production.
What kind of work can we ask you to handle?
We handle planning, proposal, production, delivery and installation of lighting objects such as installations (space art) and chandeliers. We can accommodate both permanent events and temporary events. We are happy to work with corporations and individuals alike.
Where can your work be installed?
We offer a wide variety of decorations and environmental art for common areas of offices and buildings, large commercial spaces such as department stores and large stores, public spaces such as hotel and condominium lobbies, show windows, seasonal Christmas displays, bridal chapels, interior design of small stores, showcases. We can also provide design and installation in private homes.
In which countries and cities is installation possible?
EMISSION supports all areas of Japan (centered on Tokyo) as well as overseas projects that can be traded globally.
How long will it take to complete?
Depending on the size and quantity of the project and product, it takes from several days to several months from design to delivery. We will give a precise timescale once you have confirmed the details of your request.
Is it possible to collaborate with other brands and stores?
Yes. We look forward to working on new creations through collaboration. Brand holders, owners, designers, sales representatives, etc. who can sense the possibilities are more than welcome to contact us by email.
I want to see an actual product sample. Is it possible?
You can directly see actual samples and examples at our Ginza showroom. Please request an appointment through the contact form.
Can you provide consultation on construction and installation, maintenance and repairs?
Our engineers or specialized companies in each field will be responsible for supervising or installing until the delivery is completed. We also provide maintenance guidance, cleanup and repairs.
Can you help with photoshoots and promotional videos?
Yes, our cameramen and creators can direct and produce content that can be effectively used for advertising in general. Please feel free to contact us.
Can individuals make standard or custom orders?
Yes, this is possible. We will make a proposal after asking about your purpose, location, budget, etc.
Can I contact you by email or phone?
We will respond to email in Japanese and English. Telephone is available in Japanese only. Before making inquiries by phone in Japanese, please contact us using the contact form or email.

If you have inquery, please contact us

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Business Hour : 10:00 AM - 19:00 PM (Mon). - (Sat)
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