CHANDELIER Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Minato MIRAI Innovation Center

Art bringing together sharp prism elements based on an impression of shards of the electrical energy that powers electronic technology.
This was produced as the emblematic artwork of Mulabo!, which is located within the Innovation Center.

JSC Chandelier

CHANDELIER Tokyo HQ of Jupiter Shopping Channel

Chandelier art installed in the atrium of the Tokyo HQ of Jupiter Shopping Channel.

This large chandelier is made up of approximately 40,000 elements based on images of drops of water and sunlight filtering through trees, with wires stretching for approximately 35 meters. Each element glitters independently and calmly sparkles with the convection of air and sunlight coming in from the skylight, giving the entire building a natural inspiration and elegant light.
This has been designed so that as well as the dynamic first view when approaching from the entrance, office workers can always experience light coming in through windows from each floor.

SHISEIDO “Navision Chandelier”


This chandelier uses LED lights and mirror needles to symbolize the innovative spirit of NAVISION.
The sparkling, decorative lights in this space change colors in breath-like rhythms,
portraying the effect of penetrating the skin through micro-needles with the "NAVISION HA FILLPATCH".

This unique lighting technology encompasses individually illuminating each prism element with a lens spotlight in addition to using high-intensity full-color LED lights.

TEPPAN 10 “Prism Installation”

INTERIOR Shibuya Scramble Square 12F TEPPANYAKI 10 | Japan

This artwork depicting both strength and luxury was inspired by the refined motions of chefs at work
and the intense sparkle of their kote spatulas dancing through the air.
This installation complements the panoramic night view of Shibuya visible through the large glass window and creates a dynamic space.
At night, the hues of the full color lighting shift to merge with the glorious cityscape views, creating an entirely different nighttime atmosphere.

Prism Chandelier / CONRAD OSAKA


An art chandelier comprised of geometrically-folded three-dimensional prism elements.
It creates unequaled lucency through its ingenious form imaging "ensemble of luminous lights", transparency of materials,
and iridescent light they generate.